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“Typing Kills”, so even if you do not agree with this; it’s true. Operator error grows the more you type. It’s akin to “measure twice, cut once”. In Capture the Flags (CTF’s), we often redo the same methodology and the only thing we change are network variables and usernames, the syntax remains constant. Over the years, [...]

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CompSec Direct now approved Cyber-security vendor in Maryland

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CompSec Direct has been approved as a Qualified Maryland Cybersecurity Seller (QMCS) by the Department of Commerce of Maryland. This allows us to provide cybersecurity services to qualifying companies under the Buy Maryland Cybersecurity (BMC) program. The program allows companies with 50 employees or less to purchase services and products from approved vendors like CompSec Direct. [...]

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CompSec Direct’s president presents Shodan research at local security conference in Puerto Rico

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CompSec Direct president, Jose Fernandez, presented an open-source intelligence gathering tool called Shodan-Runner at the Bsides PR security conference hosted on Oct 6,2016 in Puerto Rico. The tool allows users to use external CSV files in conjunction with the Shodan api in python to search for associations between different different fields. Using this tool reduces initial [...]

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Forcepoint 2015 Threat Report

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An excellent publication from Forcepoint that covers CnC malware, malicious insiders and attribution. Unlike other threat reports, this report covers multiple human factors that are often neglected in technical reports. In some cases, human error and predisposition to reuse malware has lead thee researchers to determine a high probability of configuration reuse which leads to easier detection of [...]

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Pen-testing Guidelines posted from PCI-DSS

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PCI-DSS recently released a revised document that covers pen-testing requirements for merchants and security providers. The document does a good job of comparing pen-testing with vulnerability assessments. If your company recently had a pen-test or vulnerability assessment done that did not cover all of these area and more, then call us and compare. Here is a [...]

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