Our President, Jose Fernandez, presented ZigBee research at Bsides Charm 2017 in Baltimore on April 29, 2017. The presentation, called Frony Fronius: Exploring ZigBee signals from SolarCity covered IoT (Internet of Threats) findings on commercial solar panel solutions. Part of the presentation asked participants how they felt about e-meters and how companies are beginning to deploy IoT technologies without using the full security mechanisms that the devices provide as well as passive appliance identification based on power consumption.

One of the unique sections of the presentation covers the use of modifications to the DMCA that allows InfoSec researchers to analyze and report on consumer IoT devices. However, this has not been tried in the courts. This causes researchers to be reluctant to publish findings due to fear of persecution in an Eco-system where corporations have the advantage. Some of the more technical aspects of this presentation had to be removed and edited due to an agreement between Mr. Fernandez and Solarcity; the subject of the presentation. Despite this, participants of the presentation understood the low-level of entry required to conduct ZigBee research, particularly given the existing body of knowledge in this area.

This presentation will continue to refine itself and present more significant findings as responsible disclosure between Mr. Fernandez and SolarCity grows into a relationship of mutual-trust.

Video is available on youtube

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