CompSec Direct offers an Insider Advantage Program, designed to mimic the effects of malicious employees in your workplaces. We estimate that 70% of all data theft is done by Insiders in your Company. Your employees and partners are largely responsible for the majority of theft in a workplace:

  • Intellectual property (IP)
  • Financial records
  • Employee or customer information (PII)

We will help you safeguard your own assets against the most common threat factor, your own employees with our Insider Advantage Program.  The program allows one of our employees to obtains user level accounts as any user you wish, and allows us to show you what information they may be able to access once inside the network.  Time and Time again, CompSec Direct has seen how disgruntled or needy employees wipe out file servers, copy client information and give them to competitors, or even hold information for ransom! CompSec Direct can establish access controls to help minimize the possibility of these common incidents. We will determine what information you have that could be valuable to others, and safeguard this information from employees and would be intruders that do not need access to this information. Our comprehensive approach to Secure Network Infrastructure will allow you to plan ahead and prevent these malicious events from occurring.

By using the systems and techniques we have gathered through public and private industry, your company may be able to deter and detect the next theft of IP or PII from your work spaces.

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