CompSec Direct offers RIL, or Remote Interaction Lab. This is one of our favorite core-competencies since any organization has a need for this. One of the most significant shifts in the last 5 years deals with access to remote training laboratories or remote servers that are not part of your normal infrastructure. In our case, we identified a self-filling need to access our remote systems from our customers networks, which are usually locked down and do not allow installation of tunneling, remote desktop, VPN software or even browser plugins. Enter RIL, our client-less RDP, VNC solution for organizations that need to access remote systems for:

  • Training Labs
  • Malware analysis
  • Software Reversing or Development

Our solution incorporates a secure environment accessible from any computer with HTML5 with no plugins. The technology allows for remote viewing of systems with out actually connecting them to your network. This allows your organization to take advantage from virtualization for training objectives and rapid prototyping without investing in long term hardware/software expenses.  We have used this system in very restrictive networks to allow our team members and students access to remote exploitation playgrounds, malware and malicious traffic analysis networks, security hardening and  system administration proof-of-concepts and more. Using our RIL system, your employees and staff can leverage resources outside your network without fear of sensitive materials leaving your environment.