🕵‍Our President, Jose Fernandez will run our Using containers to analyze malware at scale (UCTAMAS) workshop at BSidesNoVA on Sep 8, 2023.

This is the 4th run of this workshop which takes participant feedback to improve each iteration in technical content and delivery of workshop objectives.

👨‍💻 If you are interested in containers, malware analysis and red team tactics; you should attend this workshop.

👨‍🏫 This workshop will focus on teaching participants how to handle malware and analyze samples using both Windows and Linux containers. The workshop will focus leveraging open-source tools, and techniques to build out a simple analysis queue pipeline to allow students to analyze multiple samples at scale within a controlled environment.

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Desired prerequisites:

  1. Some familiarity with Docker or containers
  2. Basic experience with malware analysis tools and techniques
  3. Comfortable with command line interfaces in Windows and GNU / Linux